Posted by: Jan | 31 March, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Is it here, at the Scotland Cairn in Rawson Park, Sydney?
There are stones from every parish in Scotland – with Ulva providing the capstone. Stones of every geology and shape and size. It was a delight to find the cairn about which Bill Pollock wrote in The Ulva Stone – but we didn’t find an egg.

Is it here – in the Eagle’s Nest at the National Arboretum?
A huge nest and bird, made from scrap metal, on a hill overlooking Canberra. Worth visiting – and the view – but no egg.
Is it here – outside the Art Gallery in Canberra?
Among the surprising and sculptures that greet visitors – this one, Thapich, by Gloria Fletcher of the Thaynakwith people, its smooth surface breaking into life with Aboriginal symbols, is almost an egg.
Is it here – in the centre of the labyrinth at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture?
A silent walk deepened awareness of many things, sounds of the surrounding city, echoes of the Easter story. There was a beautiful pine tree by an ancient stone at the centre – but no egg.
Is it here?
Well certainly there was an egg at the joyful Easter Sunday morning service at Kippax Uniting Church. An 8 kilo egg, zestfully broken up by the children – providing enough chocolate for the whole of Australia….
so, for now, Happy Easter!


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